Cabinet Accents and Decorative Trim

Cabinet accents and decorative trim can provide depth and finish to your new cabinets, enhance a particular design theme and bring a quality of completion to the project.

The following are some of the various types of decorative trim and cabinet accent design elements available that can be added to your cabinetry when designing your custom cabinets and furniture. 


Cabinet Moldings

There are many types of cabinet molding options available that range from simple crown molding to more elaborate, stacked designs with inlays.


Cabinet Legs and Feet

Flanking a sink, stove or vanity with decorative cabinet legs can provide an additional accent and dimension to your custom cabinets.


Split Turnings

Flat on one side, turned on the other, split turnings are accent elements that allow you to embellish a tall cabinet unit by attaching the flat side to the face of an end panel with the stile attached.


Cabinet Onlays

Decorative onlays help to enhance or enrich and particular design theme within a room. Typically a more traditional design feature, these details might be placed on the aprons of wood hoods or along trim edges of bookcases for an additional decorative accent.


Cabinet Valances

Although a decorative valance is commonly found above a window or along the top of bookcase and wall units they can also be used at the toe space of cabinets as well for a unique look and style.



Corbels can be used on shelving, mantels, counter top support and as an additional decorative feature that can enhance the design theme of any room.